The Guardian - desert gardens

We are very excited to showcase our garden, Nurturing Nature in the City, at the Royal Horticultural Society Hampton Court Garden Festival 2023 and to have been included in The Guradian’s write up of this years show.

In response to the increasing heatwaves and droughts in the UK, we have incorporated drought-tolerant planting techniques into the design. By selecting resilient plants like echinacea and verbena, and mulching the soil with waste stone to retain moisture, we aim to create a garden that can withstand our changing and warming climate.

Our garden draws inspiration from urban green developments and includes pollinator-friendly plants. Viriditas Studio believe that adapting to climate change is crucial, and hope to inspire visitors to implement similar techniques in their own gardens. We are delighted to see the focus on climate resilience at RHS shows and encourage all gardeners to embrace climate-resilient planting practices. By working with nature and conserving water, gardens can not only survive but thrive in the face of the climate crisis.

Bloom Magazine - Gardening in the climate crisis

Our planet is facing a climate crisis, but did you know that gardening can be a powerful tool to help mitigate its effects?

 Viriditas recently designed a garden for Bloom magazine’s Gardening in the Climate Crisis feature in the spring 23 issue, where we explore how gardening can help combat climate change and what practical steps we can take to make our gardens more sustainable. From choosing the right plants to reducing our water usage, there are many ways we can contribute to a more resilient and eco-friendly world through gardening.

Check out the article in the lates issue of Bloom Magazine and join the movement of climate-conscious gardeners!

metro - 7 of the best summer perennials for adding colour to your garden

Viriditas cretaive lead Caroline shared her top choices on summer pernnials with the Metro in April 2023. 

“Does your garden need a facelift after the brutal winter?

Don’t despair – spring is the perfect time to plant a riot of colour and get your outdoor space blooming for summer, says designer Caroline Clayton of Viriditas Garden Design Studio.

Here Caroline, designer of the Nurturing Nature In The City show garden for this year’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival in July, shares some stunning summer perennials that will come back year after year…”

House & Garden - How to create light shade for your garden in the summer

In July 2022 House and Garden’s Tabi Jackson Gee asked Viriditas Creative lead Caroline to give some top tips on creating shade for those hot summer days. 

There’s something really whimsical and timeless about parasols in gardens. “They’re a great idea for small gardens when you want shade for dining but want the flexibility of more sun throughout the day to help your planting thrive” says Caroline Clayton of Viriditas Studio. “We love these fun handmade ones from Sunbeam Jackie.”