Our approach is holistic.

We believe that gardens are an extension of home – a space to relax, socialise, imagine and play – so we create gardens that you want to live in. The studio is passionate about reconnecting people with the natural world and ensuring the garden is a sanctuary for our clients as well as for wildlife. By bringing together diverse planting, a creative palette of materials and an understanding of sustainability, we make spaces to escape to.


It all started with a Christmas tree.

Heartache has a funny way of shaking up our lives. A particularly difficult year in 2017 changed everything for me. I was feeling pretty lost, working in music and film, and also making the move from LA back to my hometown, London. I was mostly on autopilot, often quite numb... and then I bought a Christmas tree.

As I stared at that tree, with its prickly little needles and shades of green, life started creeping back into my body. Watching it (rather than the concrete roundabout outside of the window) seemed to transport me to a happier place. I started to realise that what I so deeply needed was nature and plants, and to reconnect with the outdoors and myself.

After that, life changed quite quickly. The past few years have been a journey of connection and discovery: I not only filled my home – and my family’s life – with green, I also retrained as a Garden Designer at LCGD, Kew Gardens. It’s been life-changing to slow down and move with the cycles of nature, and to enjoy all the things that I loved as a child, from the first snowdrops opening to long summer days filled with a crescendo of bright flowers.

I now live in Hampstead, right by the Heath, and I design gardens within London and the surrounding counties.


I . Latin noun

Literally “greenness,” formerly translated as “viridity”[1]) is a word meaning vitality, lushness, verdure, or growth.

It is used it to symbolise the interconnectedness of spiritual and physical health, and is seen as a healing green force.