Woodland Edge Garden

The Place:
Situated in a pretty village just outside of Ascot and a short journey from London is this handsome detached Victorian home. The property is surrounded by beautiful Surrey heathland and has a large sloping back garden with mature trees and bluebell woods encompassing the property.

The Brief:
An extension has been added to make room for a spacious new kitchen, the existing terrace and retaining wall blocks light into the new extension. We were tasked to create a more open feeling terrace whilst dealing with the level changes within the garden.

The family of four are passionate about nature and eating healthily, and Mrs James wants productive veg beds to help feed the family their own organic fruit and veg. They love the surrounding heathland and pine forests and want to create a space that has a strong sense of place rooted within the local landscape.

The growing children need space to escape into and Mr and Mrs James want to utilise more of the garden for entertaining; the current garden is laid to lawn and not really used by any of the family.

The Design:
We created a naturalistic, wild feeling garden that takes its cues from the native landscape, the beautiful Surrey heathland; pine trees, grasses, ferns, heather and the addition of some ‘native like’ specimens to elevate and create year round interest.

A new, more open terrace with a water feature and rockery outside of the extension’s picture window deal with the level change in a way that is not only beautiful but also beneficial to wildlife.

The terrace now has space to relax and productive veg beds so Mrs James can grow her own vegetables.

A bespoke greenhouse has been added with space to grow tender fruit and vegetables whilst also having space to dine inside surrounded by greenery, a limestone terrace has been added outside to catch the last of the days sunlight.

We have designed secret pathways which wind through new ornamental woodland trees and grasses creating a sense of journey and adventure leading you down to the southerly area in the garden where there are some mature pine trees.

A giant nest by artisan Porky Hefer is tucked away up in the pine trees, creating a secluded escape for adults and teenagers alike!

CLIENT The James Family
DURATION 2019 - 2020
STATUS Completed